Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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The highest percentage defects. was shown in teeth.

This percentage much too low as the Buffalo schools showed a percentage. and in the New York City schools an examination the reports, children schools shows a percentage about having defective teeth.

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Next buy a research paper now the teeth the largest number defects was found in distant vision. Defects distant vision remained at almost the same figures between the ages and those less than but the defects in focusing power need an essay written drop in those over years age.

college essay editor Another notable fact, corresponding those noted in the New York schools, that the percentage defects except in those the eyes, decreases with advancing age.

In the departmental reports there was, however, no decrease in those having colds or suffering from catarrh.

inflamed eyes or squinting in headaches in those having frequent colds or nasal catarrh in those wearing glasses. There was an increase between years age in the focusing power in the mouth-breathers and those having Curiously enough there was an increase between in those reported as having frequent earaches. thesis abstracts online Backward children increased between and those having defective hearing. One the notable things brought out these tables the marked increase from.

in those between. in those over The per cent, defective hearing found was much lower than need help with writing a essay the defects sight, nasal respiration or defective teeth. This probably buy nursing research papers due the fact that the whispered pay someone to write a paper voice test was more difficult apply without some training than the test the vision or even that for defective The experience the writer, however, that the whispered voice test more accurate with children than a test with the watcl or any A study the reports the examinations made under the supervision the department confirms our belief that the method one entailing little coursework in english expense and shows the possibility that when teachers are instructed in the normal schools and in the training schools make these observations, essay on social service that they will bring out a very large percentage the physical defects vision, hearing, and nasal respiration custom written and teeth.

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This work should the greatest value in elevating the physical equipment and school capacity the school children New York State. It will absolutely necessary, however, have the work the teachers supplemented the services a district or school nurse for follow work before great practical results can obtained.

The passage a compulsory medical inspection law going into effect September, putting its enforcement into the Department Education, help with writing essay will bring into line many school officers and teachers who have heretofore been hostile or luke-warm toward finding out the physical The defects noted in the New York reports are about the same as those Massachusetts where defective distant vision has decreased In Vermont the examination showed. had a defect vision. had defective hearing, and. defective nasal respiration. In Colorado the per cent, defectives was found, which over. were reported as having defective vision. with defective hearing and. with defective breathing.