Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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What its cause? What are the causes malnutrition? What produces adenoids, hypertrophied tonsils, glandular enlargement? Are they due disturbance the lymphatic circulation due sedentary life? What the relation the school the various neuroses? What relation has the school curriculum the psychosis? None these have been fully answered. We have collected much data but must use in a scientific and systematic III. Child Psycho-Physiology. This a word coined for our convenience. It includes the care all subnormal children, physical or mental, or both. The work our school inspectors for the assignment writing service canada past five years has laid increasing emphasis the needs those pupils who are unable keep pace with their school fellows.

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At the request the Department, special investigations have been made in order ascertain the causes their retardation, while many factors, such as adverse conditions in the home, truancy, frequent transfers from school school, working out school hours, etc. have contributed the production repeaters. It has been found in the last analysis that a considerable number our pupils are held back a simple lack ability, either physical or mental, the regular work the school. Children who have been handicapped physical defects have, in numerous instances, received medical or surgical relief upon the recommendation the school inspectors and have enjoyed a corresponding improvement in their capacity for intellectual development.

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In contrast with these cases, our inspectors have observed a small minority buy custom research paper repeaters whose mental defects quite overshadow any other abnormalities that they may possess, and who are making little or no progress in school because a deficiency which neither the ordinary school system nor the physician can wholly supply.


In this way, the problem the mentally defective child has been forced paying someone to write a paper upon and recognized this Department as one the principal concerns the Bureau Child Hygiene. We are now interested obtammg a complete census such children as well as other pertinent professional case study writers facts view their disposition as well as future mitigation. IV. Instruction in Hygiene.

We realize that the children to-day will the parents, legislators, judges, etc. tomorrow, dissertation consulting service and the possession a healthy body, both personal and politic, essential the welfare the nation We believe the more lasting and effective results medical school inspection as well as all sanitation can best accomplished making a course instruction in the same a part the school curriculum.

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Just how extensive, have not decided, but at present the medical school inspectors give special instructions in personal hygiene as well as in elementary public sanitation. The expansion and proper application this phase medical school inspection under consideration. V. Sanitary Conditions the School Buildings and EnvironmenL Every inspector responsible for the sanitary conditions the school buildings and their environments within his district. At present, have little voice in the or specifications new buildings. This, fortunately, has not proved disastrous but believe should have some voice regarding the plans and specifications all school construction. VI.