Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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According a bulletin the help writing an essay U. Bureau Education says that or about, the school children our country have defective vision, and that about need attention to-day for physical defects which are prejudicial health, and which are partially or completely remediable.

That the school child has been woefully neglected in the past, thesis defense advice a certain fact that have learned recognize, and high time that the school authorities recognize this fact and enact more radical measures for the physcial welfare the school child.

What has been wanted all the time a workmanlike testing the matter out along rational lines, use a slang phrase, the job all the while. In our cities and county districts there have been from time time spasmodic efforts made examine school children and give treatment those suffering from abnormal conditions, but from lack cooperation the part teachers, parents and school authorities nothing worthy our great country has been accomplished.

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The day has passed when a printed notice tacked somewhere or sent parents informing them defects in their child any use, or fulfills the duty our health officials. Every notice should carry with authority and compulsion.

One the most pathetic evidences human credulity the fact that from time write my economics paper immemorial i need help in writing an essay men are heedless regarding mere recommendations regarding their own and children's Even in this enlightened age vaccination was almost a dead letter until was made compulsory. Even now some our most intelligent citizens would almost any extreme avoid complying with the law.

Of course smallpox a serious menace public health, but comparatively speaking less importance than many other conditions find in our schools. I might mention the infectious diseases Measles, diphtheria, scarlet need someone to write a paper for me fever, whooping cough, etc. which can recognized in early stages only the physician and serious outbreaks are occurring in our schools from lack their early recognition. As one writer says, The statistical evidence in support school attendance being responsible for the spread infection overwhelming.

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I aware there an honest difference opinion regarding infectious disease and school life, at any rate the public should receive more education along these lines. To this not easy as sounds for includes the difficult task educating the educated as well write a thesis as the ignorant.

It demands great unselfishness the practicing physician and imposes radical readjustment our BENEFITS TO BE DERIVED FROM REGULAR MEDICAL INSPECTION This can done and being done in many our cities with most excellent results. Our authoritative school boards, through legislative action, now compel all children, between certain ages, regularly attend school practically three-quarters the year. Unless this complied with the delinquent officer must have some valid excuse from the parent or family physician or both. This law has proven a most just and commendatory measure, notwithstanding the objections made many as its feasibility. doctoral dissertation writing Recent developments in school hygiene, etc. have demonstrated the incompleteness the law, for, if the state has had enactment laws compelling the attendance at school for the education the child, not merely for the child's sake, but as a measure self-protection also bound take cognizance its physical weUare. If the state had gone a step farther and made medical inspection our schools compulsory, how much better would buy english research papers have been for all concerned for medical men and for that matter most teachers know, that quite a large per cent, the children in our schools need have their bodies treated far more than have their minds trained. In fact, impossible make much headway in training such children's minds until their physical condition bettered. Every teacher encounters such a class school children. They cannot make their grades, are always behind in their studies, cannot apply themselves, and are, many times, ostracized and designated stupid.