Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Feeble-minded children have no place at least after their status has been determined.

I speaking, course, the assumption that the schools are ready provide special classes for the feeble-minded. When such special classes for all such special types are available, many our ungraded classes will become much depopulated. But as an adjustment and classification class, the ungraded class still has a future.

We can never expect classify all children essay on helping writers wanted others means routine or even school laboratory tests. There are many borderline cases which affordable ghostwriters deserve prolonged observation and intensive attention. Such observation and attention can only furnished in a classification class under the direction custom essay station an expert and resourceful teacher diagnostician. Some day there will a demand for this new form pedagogical specialist, who working in conjunction with school psychologist and school physician, will great service in a program discriminating The refinement child classification and the progress child hygiene hand in hand.

The time course, coming when all our large municipal school systems, and perhaps county educational systems, will have the equivalent a department child classification and special classes.

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In a few cities already have a working suggestion the possibilities.

Our present classification children admittedly summarizing paraphrasing imperfect. To improve need among other things psycho-medical experts officially part the school system, resident or semi-resident school hygienists, supplementary teacher-nurses, trained teacherdiagnosticians, supplementary and classification classes.

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And all these pueri-cultural forces will naturally concentrate their energies at the now unguarded gateway, the primary school where the motley stream All the world a clinic. Some day as adults these individuals will classified the rigorous test actual life. It the business the public school anticipate and perfect the present day classification adults, especially that part the classification custom law essay administered CHILD CLASSIFICATION AND CHILD HYGIENE courts and charity organizations.

Child classification the basis child hygiene. But more. The primary school may develop into a sociological clearing agency for the discovery and registration all children, masters dissertation writing services who when adults, may prove socially dependent, defective or dangerous.

Child classification then becomes a part the task SCHOOL MEDICAL INSPECTION IN NEW YORK CITY In New York City the medical inspection, examination and treatment school children under the control the Department Health and forms one the subdivisions the work the Division Child Hygiene. public schools with a registered attendance, pupils and parochial and other free schools with a registered attendance, pupils are what is the best college essay editing service under supervision a total schools and, pupils. The total appropriation for this work for, a per capita cost cents for the full year. This cost per child inclusive all branches the work, including administration and supervision, the full system medical inspection and examination, follow-up visits in the homes, and ophthalmological, The present school inspection staff consists the Director, Assistant Director, Superintendent Nurses, can you write my essay five Borough Chiefs, Supervising Inspectors, Supervising Nurses, School Medical Inspectors, Clinic Physicians and Surgeons, Dentists, School Nurses, Clinic Nurses with the necessary Clerks and Typists for the clerical Since, when the system was inaugurated for the detection and exclusion from school children affected with contagious diseases, there has been a continual development the work and at the present. Early detection and exclusion from school cases contagious. The detection and treatment neglected cases contagious. Individual and group instruction the children in personal.