Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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In his speech class the children are not improved, and then forgotten.

best college paper writing service They are online thesis writing kept record watched and recalled if there any relapse.

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Here have an excellent illustration that continuous supervision which should the essence child In addition the supplementary class might much develop CHILD CLASSIFICATION AND CHILD HYGIENE the possibilities the supplementary teacher. By this not mean a promotion promoter, a coach or tutor, but rather a pedagogical hygienist or nurse, with a practical perception for the mental, moral and motor needs special children. A nurse, dictionary definition one who cultivates or manages carefully, who fosters the growth and development In the primary school in particular, this the kind supplementary teacher-nurse who needed help me write an essay deal adequately with the babyish child, the timid child, the nervous, the unorganized, the negative child. From the standpoint child hygiene these atypical children, who can not well segregated, all need a specialized, semitherapeutic treatment reinforce and balance their development.

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This treatment can supplied a supplementary teacher in supplementary rooms where special opportunities may furnished for the kind self-expression and discipline most suited the particular groups children.

Such a teacher-nurse, course, must have a practical training in the sciences child hygiene, rather than scholastic pedagogy. The primary school the Educational Ellis Island essay writers for pay and should have detention facilities, where exceptional children can classified and strengthened before their progress through the grades.

Classification Within the Special Class. The necessity improved classification extends the research essay help special classes themselves. Take the classes for the feeble-minded. The desirability segregating the lower grade cases from the highest becoming more and more apparent this segregation will become quite practicable with the development paraphrasing essay subnormal centers. A center a domestic group classified special classes.

The discovery the vocational aptitudes morons a further part the task pedagogical classification. As another example have the classes for the crippled. In New York City at least has been found that there a high percentage feeble-minded among this group. Many classes for foreigners are chaotic because write a research paper for me the work classification has not been carried far enough.

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We have at least five groups non-English speaking pupils i essay writer funny Those writing essay help primary school age. Those older age with normal, thesis writing services school attainments. Those older age with special education needs dissertation deficient school attainments. Backward foreigners. Feeble-minded foreigners. The last group interesting. Many children pass as foreign because they not speak English, when as a matter fact their English deficient because their minds are deficient.