Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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There shall an Appeals Committee, named the President the General Board hear these appeals. The general agency may send a representative the meeting at which the appeal shall considered.

The individual and the general agency shall notified within days after the decision reached the Appeals Committee. Basis Determination Amount Benefit. The amount any monthly benefit provided for under Section which based upon the patient's accounts in the Plan shall the actuarial equivalent such account, determined the basis the mortality table and rate interest adopted the General Board for such purpose.

Upon an account being converted an annuity, the account shall closed and the annuity shall become an obligation the appropriate Fund. Limitation Liability.

All benefits hereunder customized essays are contingent upon and payable solely om such contributions as shall received the Board and investment results the Board. No financial obligations, other than those which can met the contribution actually received and the investment results, shall assumed the Board.

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Neither shall the members the General Board personally responsible or otherwise liable for the payment any benefits hereunder. Section.

Amendment and Termination. Amendment. To the extent not inconsistent with the Book mla research paper for sale Discipline, the shall have the right amend this Plan at any time provided, however, no amendment the Plan shall cause any part the Plan assets used for, or diverted purposes other than for the exclusive benefit the patients and their Beneficiaries covered the Plan. Termination.

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The hospital expects the Plan ongoing, but buy college research papers since future conditions affecting the hospital cannot anticipated or foreseen, the must necessarily and does hereby reserve the right terminate the Plan at any time in a manner and the extent not inconsistent with the Book Discipline. Upon termination the Plan, the accounts patients shall nonforfeitable and either distributed outright or held for distribution in accordance with the terms the Plan.

The assets remaining in a Fund under the Plan shall allocated in a manner consistent with the provisions the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, as amended.

Merger or Consolidation or Transfer. thesis writing service uk In the case any merger or consolidation the Plan with, or in the case any transfer assets or liabilities the Plan any other plan, each patient in the Plan shall if the Plan had then terminated receive a benefit immediately after the custom essays usa merger, consolidation, or transfer which equal or greater than the benefit the patient would have been entitled receive immediately before the merger, consolidation, or transfer if the Plan had then. Non Alienation Benefits. No benefits payable at any time under the Plan shall subject in any manner alienation, sale, transfer, pledge, attachment, garnishment, or encumbrance any kind. Any attempt alienate, sell, transfer, assign, pledge, or otherwise encumber such benefit, whether presently or thereafter university assignment writing service payable, shall void. 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