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Approaching the problem the possible relation diet pellagra in this way, seemed permissible assume, the one hand, that the diet write my book report the poor that those who as a class are the principle sufferers from the disease few some reason pellagra-producing and, the other, that the diet the well-to-do, who, as a class, are practically exempt Ion some reason, pellagra-preventing. The thou was near, therefore, that mig possible prevent the disease providing those subject pellagra with a diet such as that enjoyed well-to-do buy papers for college people. Early in was proposed put this idea a practical test. Befoie this test was actually begun, studies the prevalence pellagra at institutions, such as prisons, asylums, and orphanages were made, mba dissertation the results which, in the the recent advances in our knowledge beriberi, very strongly suggested the idea that the dia ease was dependent upon a diet that was for some reason faulty, and that this fault was in some way either prevented corrected including in the diet suitable proportions the fresh animal protein foods and legumes. Theee findings not only confirmed the original conception, but helped in defining this more clearly, and, moreover, made possible formulate more definite plans, which umi dissertation express were temporarily broadened include a test diet in the treatment as well as in the prevention the disease. At the suggestion the writer, Dr.

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Lorenz, who was at that time studying the chiatric manifestations pellagra at the Georgia State Sanitarium, treated a series cases in the insane at that asylum exclusively diet.

Considering the character the cases with which was dealing his results, as well as those Dr.

Willets, who for a time continued the work begun Lorenz, were notably favorable. When the various recent methods treatment, each warmly advocated ita author, are critically reviewed in the light do my term paper for me the test made Lorenz and Willets, one can hardly foil impressed the fact that the one thing they all appear have in common the so-called nutritious diet, and difficult escape the conclusion that this single common factor that the marked success that usually claimed for the treatment should properly assigned.

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It much interest note that fully years ago Roussel Roussel, the basis long experience and from a critical review the literature his day, came precisely the same conclusion.

This much the point that Without dietetic measures all remedie fail. When drugs and good food are simultaneously employed, the latter that the ciuative action belongs the former exercises simply an adjuvant action and without approved efficacy except against secondary changes or accidental complications. Hereafter the clinician who would attribute therapeutic value any drug or other remedy in the treatment pellagra should prepared show, what has not heretofore been done, that the curative effect claimed can not attributed the diet.

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It true that the claim not infrequently made that the beneficial effects the remedy advocated were obtained without any change in diet. When the claim critically considered, however, amounts usually simply this, that the observer gave no instructions as a change in the patient's diet or assiunes that such change as was made was too slight merit consideration.

It should not overlooked that the symptoms the disease sore mouth, diarrhea are very frequently such that the patient, entirely his own initiative, may or does add or increase the proportion exp rtmeDt vUdi I havt carrtod during the hut year with anhnahi, each as mice, rata, and a few monkeys, an exclusive vegetable diet, have shown that these lower animals develop certain gastro-intestlnal symptoms, and sometimes die if pat an exdosive diet com, carrots, sweet potatoes, oats, etc.

Symptoms arise often within three or four days, which point the presence an intoxication in thesis editing service these animals. Death resulted in some cases help writing phd thesis in a remarkably short time three or four days. At necropsy constant leslona were found, such as hyperemia and hemofriiage in the gastro-intestinal canal. Sometfanes the kidneys, lanp, and other organs show a oongestion and sli tly hemorrhagie condition. It probably more than a mere coincidence that the population that part the world in which pellagra endemic Uves a mainly vegetable diet. The recent advances in the field nutrition suggest new avenues custom written dissertations approach the solution this difficult problem. One will have consider very seriously. A deficiency or absence certain vitamins In the diet.