Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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Straw New Hampshire, from whose article the above statistics are taken, no failure has been recorded. He says the children gain weight, work less, play more, and progress faster than those in ordinary schools. He says cities give special care and instruction all school children found predisposed or are already infected with tuberculosis and provide out-door schools for them. New York City last year made over and equipped twenty school rooms, in regular buildings, for the better care the sick and well school children, besides establishing a number independent schools That progress being made in endeavoring better the physical as well as the mental condition our school children in evidence from all sources. Only a few years ago medical inspection meant a hurried looking write my report free over school children discover measles, copy writing services scarlet fever, diphtheria, etc. Now most the cities look more for defective vision or anaemia, incipient tuberculosis, etc. Not long since adenoid growths were almost unheard school teachers. Now cities make examinations for adenoids and hypertrophied or diseased tonsils, for they are known a more serious menace a healthy development and school progress than most anything else. It apparent from all standpoints that medical inspection our schools a wise and much needed condition, and well worth our serious consideration. But how bring about, the perplexing problem. That the teachers should required make the examinations an injustice for two main reasons first, adds their already overburdensome responsibilities and, second, since the tests, BENEFITS TO BE DERIVED FROM REGULAR MEDICAL INSPECTION any real value, require technical skill. In many the cities a qualified school nurse employed supplement the work the physician, and has been ifound a most excellent expedient. Properly carry out school inspection in all its many details requires a broad and practical knowledge hygiene, which includes lighting, heating, ventilation, drainage, disinfection, as well as judgment the physical endurance the child from a medical standpoint.

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Specialists must examine into the visual power the child and also determine whether deafness exists, and its cause. If the child backward in his or her studies, certainly should receive especial attention from both specialist and physician. Both Philadelphia and Chicago have a private pathological essay rewriter clinic for such children, and its duty writing an essay help inquire into nervous help with thesis writing difficulties, hereditary troubles or other deep-seated defects. The following a list questions and answers indicative the extent and purpose the work medical inspection schools. These have been adopted as a standard some cities.

Who and what should physically examined? Answer All children, normal students, teachers, janitor, buildings, grounds, in all school districts, public, parochial, private, rural and urban.

How often? Answer At least once a year. How many children need treatment? Answer Seven out ten three out ten for eyes two out ten for breathing troubles.

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What the penalty paraphrasing activities for physical defect? Answer Retardation, discouragement, dropping out school, annual waste estimated. Does examination lead treatment? Answer Yes, in nine cases out ten, if the parents understand properly. How should medical inspection administered? Answer As now only about one-quarter the cities are under the Board Health, and three-quarters are under the Board Education, would seem that the latter should control. Should the work done the principals and teachers, properly qualified nurses or physicians? Answer The most excellent expedient has been employ nurses supplement the work the physician.