Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación

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the families needed assistance irt food, fuel or clothing.

more needed friendly aid in readjustment housing and employment problems, but received no financial help.

the children required personal care from the nurse. the children were provided with free insdtutional care.

The High School Dramatic Club gave for open-air treatment for a. were furnished with glasses. The Girls Friendly Society Children years old were found with working certificates secured under false pretenses. Others the same age who had no certificates Children with well defined pulmonary tuberculosis were being encouraged their parents study harder, and take high rank in scholarship.

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In the process caring for those afflicted with one disease, the nurse found half her labor was in the interest assignment writing services in uk children in the public schools. She also found phd dissertation writing service that other children whose home she was not visiting and might not, because her field was that a specified disease and her contract with the Board Health limited her freedom in service, were in even greater immediate need relief than some for whom she was caring. She was able visit a child with infantile paralysis with a tuberculous family history, and secure continuous hospital treatment for her, but was obliged pass a neighbor's child four years who was afflicted with hernia, because the family had no need a tuberculosis Those who most closely followed the work were convinced that a larger public service might have been accomplished best essay for you if the nurse had been in the employ the Board Education. Had she been employed, the cause entrance into any home would have been shifted from a morbid a normal and hopeful condition interest in the welfare where to buy a term paper the child. The change emphasis in approach from abnormal normal would alone great psychologic significance all. The small community will seldom able support more than one good nurse, therefore make the greatest advance in public health there must co-ordination all forces. Since the public school in touch with a larger portion the homes a community than any other agency, those who are seeking reach the home find the school the surest avenue approach.

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It also insures the assistance the largest body trained workers without help for writing a thesis increasing the expense.

By placing the nurse-teacher in the faculty with the other teachers the work both will prove greater value. The larger mla paraphrasing citation use the school building will stimulated. Free classes, clubs, lectures mothers, baby shows, may compassed such effort in line with the attempt correlate the school with life in the community.

If a school may give a boy credit for hours satisfactory clerkship in his father's store or office, may not the little sister have credit at school when, under the nurse's supervision, she has learned satisfactorily serve the family breakfast, or prepare the milk for her delicate baby brother? If she the THE RELATION OF VISITING NURSES IN SMALL COMMUNITIES elder sister she must learn perform buy student research paper these duties often at the expense geography and history. When an eleven year boy regularly washes his own clothes in order that may school clean, because his mother has five children younger than care for, not entitled credit in his rating at school? If the nurse teacher does not have conference with the teachers at school, how will the significance such acts custom essays usa made assume the right proportion in the child's life? Surveying the prospect the continuation public health work in the community which essay writing service legit have been speaking, the following changes. The nurse writing services dissertation employed the Board Education. The reason for her entrance into the home the child. If possible, the home every child visited the nurse or the teacher, and friendly relations established. A record children under school thesis paper age made this frequently materially affects scholarship if the younger children are ill, help the parents secure for them suitable treatment.